The meaning of analytical is something ‘logical’ .i.e. the explanation of the meaning of something. So contrary to a simple paragraph ‘ analytical writing is ‘an interpretation of something’ i e. a paragraph that shows facts and figures from which conclusion may be drawn. Thus contrast to the simple paragraph analytical writing measures your-

a. Critical Thinking
b. Analytical Writing

c. Formation of complex ideas.

So in short, the students are required to summarize the data with a little bit of basic analysis.
( similarities or comparisons of the main trend )

The basic points to remember-
a.Word Limit
b. Good voca​​bulary
c. Avoid Grammatical Mistakes
d. No iirrelevantinformation
e. Functional Language
f. Avoid Grammatical mistakes
g. Employ appropriate vocabulary
( a little bit complex  idiomatic, and accurate)
g. Avoid spelling mistakes
h. Be clear and accurate
i. Synonyms instead of using the same words

Divide the para into 3 parts-


a. Introduction
Give a short detail about the topic, not more
than 1-2 lines.

b. Body
Elaborate on the topic with real facts and figures.
Comparisons against the trend

c. Conclusion
Summarize the pictorial graph in 2 to 3 lines



Based on sample  question paper provided by CBSE

Instructions for the beginner:-

First, try to prepare a rough draft then replace your vocabulary with better and rich vocabulary ,phrases and expressions. Try to solve questions and soon you will be habitual of writing in a better language.

For your convenience, I have prepared rough and final writing to make you understand ‘How to write Analytical Writing ‘ in a Proper way.

Golden words are written roughly

Blue colour words are replced with the rough ones.

Rought Draft


The bar graph shows clearly the year wise purchase of digital devices in Rishu Nagar from the year 2015  to 2019.

Since 2015 the increment in the purchase of computers and smartphone both is found rising . The Purchase from 2015 to 2017 is found increasing consistently. The uniformity in increments in 2017 is found consistent which brought profit of 80 crores in this year.Then the Purchase shows a sudden reduction in 2018. It reduced from 80 to 60 crore. I huge gap of reduction can be observed between 2017 to 2018 . Then graph shows a striking increment in the year 2019. The profit rose from 60 crore and purchase as well.
 The graph shows consistent growth from the year 2015 to 2019. However, in 2018 the purchase fell down a little. But brought consistent growth in the profit in the purchase of devices predicting the growth in the coming years in Rishu Nagar. 

Final Writing

The diagram shows the year wise profit and purchase of digital devices in Rishu Nagar across the year 2015- 2019.


Since 2015 the gradual growth was experienced in the purchase of both the devices. The purchase from 2015 to 2017 was consistent that added a dramatic profit of from 40 to 80 crore. In 2016 the devices added 20 crore profit which was 20 crore again . In comparison of 2015, the profit was added 40 crores more.

Then the Purchase shows a striking reduction in 2018 the profit when down the Purchase was produced with the loss of 20 crores in the year 2018 but the profit begins to rise again and touch the Zenith in 2019 again and with the highest purchase of the devices the profit was added 20 cr in comparison to 2018 and 80 cr as compared to 2015.

Thus the consistent growth from the year 2015 to 2019 with a little fluctuation in the year 2018 than a surprisingly steep in 2019 shows the unexpected growth in the Purchase and profit in the coming years

Questions for practice with some more tricks :COMING SOON 



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