Read the passage carefully and answer the questions follow :-

1.Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have emerged as the front runners in the race to achieve key sustainable development goals (SDG) like removal of poverty and inequality, while Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are the laggards in a ranking of states .

2. According to the SDG India Index, the nation as a whole has a score of 57, showing the country has reached a little beyond the half way mark in meeting the sustainable development goals. adopted by India and 192 other nations in 2015. The index covers 13 of the 17 sustainable development goals, including healthcare, gender equality, clean energy, infrastructure, education, peace and building strong, accountable institutions.

3.Himachal Pradesh ranks high with a similar overall score in providing clean water and sanitation, reducing inequalities and preserving the mountain ecosystem. Tamil Nadu has a score of 68. Among Union territories, Chandigarh takes the lead with a score of 68 on account of its track record in providing clean water and sanitation. Performance in providing quality education has also helped Chandigarh achieve the high score, showing the country has reached a little beyond the halfway mark in meeting the sustainable development goals adopted by India and 192 other nations in 2015.

4. For goals, including climate action and sustainable use of marine resources, were left out because of lack of data at the state level. Kerala’s overall top rank (69) is attributed to its strong performance in providing good health, reducing hunger, achieving gender equality and providing quality education. The rank shows the distance each state has to cover to reach 100—the point at which it fully meets the sustainable development goal.

5. Tamil Nadu topped the states in poverty reduction, while Kerala topped in providing quality education, closely followed by Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

1. Name the states lagging in achieving SDG compared to Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

2. What can be an important reason for the fewer scores of Pudducherry in comparison to Chandigarh in achieving a higher SDG?

3. Tell the common reasons for scoring lesser than 65 in SDG states in comparison to scores higher than 65 SDG.

4. What does the last paragraph of the passage prove?

5. Rewrite the following sentence replacing the underlined phrase with the appropriate word from para 1. 

  Ankita is making a very slow progress in her class compared to other girls.

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