• Read all the questions attentively
  • At the right-hand bottom you’ll find a timer. Have an eye on it.
  • As soon as you tap the answer to the first question the timer will be begun.
  • In case you don’t find it,  you can keep your own watch nearby.  
  • Keep on noting down your time limit from day 1. 
  • You can not change the option once chosen
  • Starting 1st day passage must be completed within 20min
  • From day 2 to day 6 the time limit will be set for 15 min only
  • And finally from day 7 to day 10-time limit will be set only for 10 min
  • You can set your own time limit goal also 



What is new yesterday, becomes absolute today. Everything moves at a fast pace. But strangely enough students’ strikes have not changed a wee bit. Maybe because of the fact that out of about 3000, students in a college, only a handful come equipped with books, notebooks or a pen.


2. The only perceptible change is that a majority of them come on expensive motorbikes and quite a few carry mobiles in their hands.

3. Small wonder that whatever any small group of so-called leaders persuades these time-pass students to go on strikes, maybe on as flimsy an issue as that of the size of a samosa in the canteen, they readily oblige.


4. In fact, just a few “hay-hay” calls are sufficient to gather a number of giggling groups that soon turn into a mob.

5. Let us have a closer look at the student agitation that has rocked City Colleges now for weeks.


6. A recent few hikes and alleged disparity in fund collection among local Colleges affiliated to Punjab University is reported to be the “immediate cause”. 


7. Its immediately can well be gauged from the fact that the first instalment of the hiked fee was deposited by students a few months ago without a moan!



8. Waste of valuable teaching time apart, a few ill-advised students went to resorting to self-inflicting violence for the “cause.” All this led to a volatile situation that embarrassed the university authorities, being the venue of the strike.


9. The situation eased temporarily after the intervention of politicians who met the authorities that be and issued high sounding statements in favour of the student of the community.


10. Fund, fee or samosa, whatever the issue, the student community should realise that while losing valuable paid learning time they cannot justify their demand for reducing the alleged financial fee/ fund hike.


11.. Before asking for concessions or fee fund reduction, they should grab what they have already paid for. It is high time that they ask for more teaching hours than what is stipulated for them. Paying for 100 lectures and asking for 65 is simply a ridiculous demand and not worth a strike.


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