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  1. Brain drain means fleeing of talents especially in the field of science and technology from their native land to other countries. This problem is not peculiar to India, even highly advanced countries like Britain and Russia have been losing their scientists to the U.S.A. But for India, it is one-way traffic. We lose scientists in the process get impoverished. Thus, it is a very serious problem in India.



2. It is said that some of the most brilliant people are unable to get suitable jobs in India. In such circumstances, they migrate to other countries in search of better prospects or material comfort. If the government of own country might provide them all the facilities with all the financial support, they won’t ever move to other countries. Because these brains need continuous nourishment, replenishment and advancement.





3. The brain drain leaves an adverse effect on the national economy. Their services can be utilized for the development of the country. But sometimes in a developing country, their talents cannot be put to proper use due to one reason or the other. It is difficult for such a country to provide sufficient funds for research work where there are still basic needs to be fulfilled and a lot of poor people lack basic food meals.

  • 4. Therefore, it becomes the moral duty of these brains to be patriotic. They should do their best for their motherland even in the most adverse circumstances. They should realise the importance of their motherland, that it is the only place where they can reach a maximum height of glory with the immense love of their own people and recognition and also patronage.

5. At present, the country is not in a position to offer them better amenities and to utilize their services. But tomorrow this will not be the case. In an economically and industrially advanced country, new brains will crop up who may not like to desert their motherland as they can only get true satisfaction and love in the country itself that every individual searches for. (by Vilayanti Ram)

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