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1. Do you suffer from love pain? If you do, then talk therapy is passe. If it’s the emotional freedom you’re looking for, thought therapy will relieve you of emotional distress. Ask Michael Lavin, Vice President of Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness in Chicago, who vouches for Thought-field Therapy (TFT) or the emotional freedom technique to get rid of fear, pain and phobias. As Lavin says: “Talking does help to lighten up and relax but it can take tears to get rid of a psychological problem. Sessions with the psychiatrist can stretch up to many hours. And it may be a long time before an individual comes to terms with his reality. But through the Thought-Field Therapy, the positive energy flow brings balance in thought and reduces pain”.


2. As a member of the Chicago Psychological Association and Chicago Department of Mental Health, he’s conducted courses in social educational and organizational psychology to make his clients emotionally Independent’ and strong. TFT, which works on the principle of Needle-less acupuncture, has given him quite a following. He makes you tap on the energy meridians  (based on the acupuncture principle) that control other body parts. Like the area under the eyebrow balances the energy flow in the gall bladder. Says Lavin: “While Tapping, you have to focus on a particular thought. Tapping on various meridian centres of the body leads to an uninterrupted energy flow.”

3. His technique is simple. He used the scientific technique based on cognitive psychology, Quantum Physics and clinical kinesiology. Lavin has been interacting with other psychotherapists and will be holding workshops on the TFT. Says he: “A good thought can be locked in your mind, all you have to do input your legs apart and heels together,- think of something positive, the good thought is locked in your mind through the memory of the meridians”.


4. This is also known as electric psychotherapy, Lavin adds. At the University of Florida, it was found that most patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, rape victims, and tortured war prisoners who couldn’t forget their trauma even after talk Therapy, benefits from Thought- Field Therapy. If you are mourning the loss of someone close, the pain can be immense, it sometimes takes months to overcome bereavement, but I’ve treated my patients in the first week of their grief period. That’s what they call The Healing Touch.

NOTE: The original spelling of Meridians has been derived from a Latin word Meridies so the writer of the passage has taken it as it is.

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