Comprehension Passage Day 6 READING PASSAGE PRACTICE WITH SET TIME LIMIT: (Endangered Species)


    • Read all the questions attentively
    • At the right-hand bottom you’ll find a timer. Have an eye on it.
    • As soon as you tap the answer to the first question, the timer will be begun.
    • In case you don’t find it,  you can keep your own watch nearby.  
    • Keep on noting down your time limit from day 1. 
    • You can not change the option once chosen.
    • Starting 1st day passage must be completed within 20min.
    • From day 2 to day 6 the time limit will be set to 15 min only.
    • And finally from day 7 to day 10-time limit will be set only for 10 min.
    • You can set your own time limit goal also & learn to save your time.


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1. Did you know that the Asiatic Elephant, The Tiger, The Cheetah, The Arabian Onyx, The Okapi and The Magnificent Andean Condor are among the world’s most endangered species?


2. What is an endangered species? Endangered species are animals or plants that will soon die out. Many animals and plants became endangered or extinct each year. Recently, however, the rate of their dying out has increased dramatically. It is estimated that 27,000 species became extinct each year, about 3 an hour, Since 1996, scientists have added the following species to the list of endangered species.

Name of Endangered SpeciesTypes
Endangered Species

3. What makes them endangered?  There are many reasons that can cause a species of animals or plants to become endangered or even extinct. To accommodate the increasing human population more and more land is taken away from these animals or plants. With the little amount of land these animals or plants have, food sources become scarce. Sometimes animals or plants can’t adapt to the limited space they now have and die. Animals and plants also become endangered because of the chemicals people use. Hunting and trading are other reasons that threaten the lives of many innocent living creatures. Lastly, pollution is another huge factor causing these animals or plants to become endangered. You might ask what one lone individual can do. But even one person can make a difference. 


4. First of all, try to not waste natural resources, Recycle your garbage. By recycling, you’re helping to save many trees from being cut down for paper. These trees then can remain as homes for many animals or plants in the wild. Keep your neighbourhood clean. These can prevent any accidental death of animals or plants. Don’t buy any product that comes from animals.  If you can, contribute to organizations that help to protect wildlife. Last and the most important, is to learn about these creatures.


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