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As the Indian Middle class is getting more affluent, the number of celebration parties is growing and so is the guest list. We have functions for birth celebration, first birthday celebration, engagements, marriages, promotions, sixtieth birthdays, marriages jubilees and even retirements policy. Lot of people get invited to each of these.

2. Just inviting people to such a celebration is not a problem. Because if a person eats at one place, he/she would save food he/she would have eaten somewhere else. The problem is, there is no RSVP (which is a French abbreviation that stands for ‘Reply, if you please’) culture in India. We send invites, but we don’t ask people whether they are planning to attend or not. The host does not get any feedback and has a vague idea of how many people will show up. Certainly, if more people showed up unexpectedly and had no food to eat, it would be embarrassing. So they just end up making enough for a large number of people. This results in wastage of food, cooking gas and manpower. And because electricity is costly and food storage equipment is not easily available, a huge amount of food goes to waste.

3. Our best of best software engineers are writing software to run banks in US and Europe. Can’t we launch a website that makes it possible for people to reply to invites using an easy, online or mobile-based application? Yes, we need this one change in our culture- replying to invites and confirming whether we can make it to the celebration or not. Best of the best MBAs are launching marketing campaigns world wide to increase market share of consumer products world wide. Can’t we launch a culture change campaign?

4. We make choices and every choice has consequences. Sadly when faced with the consequences of our choices, we externalize the blame. We find someone else to fault. We imagine only that evil outside somewhere is fixed, we the pious people would continue living our pristine and perfect lives.

Welcome to your COMPREHENSION PASSAGE DAY :7 ( Wastage of Food )


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  1. Thank you ma’am. It is really very helpful for me in understanding the faults I used to do while solving comprehension passages in exams.
    By practicing regularly, my understanding about comprehension is improving.Thank you so much for your continuous efforts and support😊😊

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