Dear Students/ Learners,

Solving a Comprehension Passage within a set time limit is really not that easy task. Consistent practice is the only solution. And for consistent practice without distracting the focus really ask for great willpower. So I have prepared some of the comprehension sheets with the set time limit so that learners might focus and continue the practice for continuous 10 days so that they might acquire their speed and be habitual of learning.  

The one who wishes to practice, kindly start with DAY 1 and be consistent in practising at least for 10 Days. Otherwise, there is no use in attempting for it.

Welcome for sharing more ideas so that this question might help the students to acquire good marks.

Thank You!

Happy Learning!

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I am Meena Kumari, PGT(English)+ B.ed. Teaching is my passion. Love to guide students in Grammar Learning and build up their writing skills.

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