CONVERSATION based on Simple Present/ Present Indefinite 


Radha: Aradhna, do you like reading?

Aradhna: No, I don’t.

Radha: But why?

Aradhana: Oh, it’s so boring?

Radha: It’s not like that. You don’t like it because 

your mind gets disturbed a lot.

Aradhana: Well, I don’t think so.

Radha: Yes, it is true. Do you practice meditation?

Aradhana: Yes, but not often .

Radha: Then, start mediation.

Aradhana: and how does it lead us to a balanced life?

Radha: Oh, good question. 

            Well, first of all, it helps us to gain 

 a new perspective on stressful situations.

Anuradha: Really? But how does it work?

Radha: It builds skills in us to manage our day-to-day stress.

Anuradha: Great! Does it have other benefits as well?

Radha: Sure, it increases our self-awareness.

Anuradha: Oh, I see.

Radha: And it helps us to focus on the present. 

Anuradha : and that’s how it helps to concentrate our mind.

Radha: Absolutely right. 

Anuradha: Ok, and now only I understood why you often suggest me to do meditation.

Radha: yes, and do you know,  reading is also a kind of meditation. 

It’s not always important to close your eyes and meditate.

Anuradha: But how is it possible?

Radha: Actually, whenever you focus your mind on your present 

performing any task without distracting yourself to 

any other task or thought, is a kind of meditation. 

Anuradha: Oh, that’s great to know. 

Now, I’ll start my meditation from tomorrow onwards and reading as well.

Radha: That’s good. But, remember, be patient at the beginning. Gradually , you‘ll achieve a good pace. 

Anuradha: OK, Thanks a bunch. I want to know more benefits of meditation.

Radha: Well, it eliminates all our negative thoughts and emotions. It teaches us the importance of self-love. It lowers balances our heart rate and blood pressure and most importantly, it improves our sleeping quality. 

Anuradha: Wow ! so meditation is so beneficial. I think I must join any Yoga Institute as well. Do you know about any good Yoga Institute nearby my home?  

Radha: Yes, I know. But nowadays it is closed due to the Deepawali holidays. 

Anuradha: So when will it be opened ?

Radha: It reopens on 2nd December 2022.

Anuradha: OK, one last question if you don’t mind.

Radha: Ask, please!

Anuradha: Why did you say , “ It reopens on 2nd December 2022..” but it’s a future action. 

So it should be spoken like, “ It will be reopened on 2nd December 2022.” i.e. in Future Indefinite Tense. 

Radha: Oh Anuradha, actually, Present Indefinite can be used for telling our future schedules & timing also.

Anuradha: Oh I see, Thanks a bunch. This is a benefit of being the friend of an English teacher.

Radha: Ha ha ha! Well if you wish to know more about, the rules of Present Indefinite Tense, you can read my notes on my website

Anuradha: really

Radha: Yes, you can find many grammar quizzes, conversations, video lessons, and podcasts as well there

Anuradha: Thanks a bunch Radha, sure I’ll visit the website. You know I am a Grammar Geek.  

Radha: Yes Anu I know. 

Anuradha: Ok, meet you tomorrow in the park again. Thanks a lot again, bye

Radha: Bye, have a nice day!

Anuradha: Sure, you too.

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