Though I have tried hard to frame the statements from the Present Perfect  Continuous Tense still as a conversation is not possible in one tense only, so I have taken the help of other tenses as well to complete the dialogue . . Focus on how the dialogues in Present Perfect  Continuous Tense have been framed. 
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Krishna: Whom have you been waiting for so long, Vrinda?

Vrinda: I have been waiting for Radha.

Krishna: Oh, I see. So you have been waiting for your best friend.

Vrinda: Yes

Krishna: For how long have both of you been in the bond of this cool friendship?

Vrinda:  for five years.

Krishna: and for how long have you been studying together in the same institution?

Vrinda: Since the last two years.

Krishna: OK.

Vrinda: But you tell, for how long have you fallen in love with her?

Krishna: Oh, the toughest question !

Vrinda: Why so?

Krishna: Seems like.  I have been waiting for her for ages. 

Vrinda: Have you ever been in talking to her?

Krishna: No I am afraid of losing her.

Vrinda: At least, you must once express your true feelings before her.

Krishna: I have been trying for 3 months but every time I meet her, I don’t find myself conscious. Now I feel, I can never.

Vrinda: OK. Let’s hope for the best, gather up your courage before she gets married to anyone else.

Krishna: What are you saying, Vrinda?

Vrinda: Yes, because her parents have been looking for a suitable match for her for four to five months. Don’t you know ?

Krishna: Really. So I guess, I must not waste a single moment now and express my heart’s desire.

Vrinda:  Right, She is coming to meet me. You must talk to her right now. 

Krishna: Thank you so much Vrinda. You have been my truest friend forever.

Vrinda: Always welcome, Krishna, Hey look there, Radha is coming.


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