Though I have tried to frame the statements from the Future Continuous Tense but as a conversation is not possible in one tense only, so I have taken the help of other tenses as well to complete the conversation. . Focus on how the statements in Future Continuous Tense have been framed .
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Maya :  Can you guess Jaya , what will you be doing at this time tomorrow ?

Jaya : I ‘ll be going to bus stop  and it’ not a guess. I am sure.

Maya : Hmm, And who other person will be going with you ?

Jaya : My elder sister .

Maya :OK. Will you be waiting for me also ?

Jaya: No, I won’t be .

Maya: Why ?


Jaya : Because You will be going to take your test at this time , I know.

Maya : Oh, you know about that.

Jaya : Yes I know.

Maya :  OK  great ! Shall I be taking my test nicely ?

Jaya: Yes you will be . I am sure.

Maya : Oh Thank you Jaya !

Jaya : And do you know,

what will you be doing this month next year ?

Maya What ?

Jaya : You’ll be throwing a party for us.

Maya : But Why ?

Jaya : Because You must have cleared your test with the highest percentage.

Maya : Ohh Thank you so much , then  I’ll be throwing a grand party for all of my dearest friends. Thank you for your wishes.

Jaya : Ok bye , I have to leave.

Maya: Ok bye, happy journey ! 

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