Though I have tried to frame the statements from the Past Continuous Tense but as a conversation is not possible in one tense only, so I have taken the help of Past Indefinite as well to complete the conversation. . Focus on how the statements in Past Continuous Tense have been framed .
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Vinita –  Hello Sunita, Were you waiting for me in the restaurant yesterday? 


Sunita ( irritating ) –  No, I was waiting for your ghost. 


Vinita- Sorry, I couldn’t make time. My aunt was leaving for Delhi yesterday. So I had to see off her. 


Sunita- But you told me earlier that she was going on  Monday only. 



Vinita- Yes true, but her children were calling her now and then. So She decided to leave yesterday only.


Vinita ( Kidding )-  Oh, I see. But I guess, you were having a great time alone.


Sunita- Yes true. When you were not receiving my calls, I decided to enjoy myself alone.


Vinita: Sorry I was preparing snacks for my aunt, I couldn’t notice your call. My phone was on silent mode.


Sunita- But I was calling your mother’s number as well. 


Vinita- Yes, Mom was helping her in packing.


Sunita- It’s OK, I understand, good excuses.


Vinita- No seriously, Tell me, were you seriously enjoying there without me?


Sunita- Yes sure, Yesterday, with the situations I was learning a very meaningful lesson about life. 


Sunita- And what was that?


Vinita – “Never be dependent upon anyone. You alone are enough for this world. Enjoy your own company.”


Sunita- True Vinita. I am sorry, I should have left a message at least.


Vinita- It’s OK. I am not angry. Just because you didn’t come, I was observing many things alone there. 


Sunita – And what were you observing. 


Vinita- I was observing different faces with their astounding behaviour. 


Sunita- And how were you finding their behavior astounding? 

Vinita- They were entering there in their cheerful moods 

 but after some time I found each of them with complaining expressions.  


Sunita – Ha ha, ha. What other things were you observing there?


Vinita- I was observing the activities of the staff also. 


Sunita – Ohhh.


Vinita – Yes, and you know, what I noticed in them. 


Sunita – What?


Vinita- I noticed that most of them were forcing themselves 

to adjust to the surroundings. But from within they were not 

willing to do this job. 


Sunita- So sad.


Vinita- I saw there a family had brought their pet dog. Who was

 enjoying it alone?  


Sunita- HA, ha, really 


Vinita- Yes they were giving it everything, it was demanding 

in its language. And it was eating everything. 


Sunita- Really Vinita, You enjoyed yourself alone there. 


Vinita- One day you must also visit anywhere with your own 

company. I am sure your company is not so worse. ( ha , ha, ha)


Sunita- Sure, now let’s have a cup of coffee together. And 

again asking sorry for yesterday. 


Vinita- OK, Forgiven and forgot. Let’s go.


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