Though I have tried hard to frame the statements from the Past Perfect Tense, a conversation is not possible in one tense only, so I have taken the help of other tenses as well to complete the conversation. . Focus on how the statements in the Past Perfect  Tense have been framed.
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​Arshi: Hadn’t you really met this dance troupe earlier?
Rachana: No, I hadn’t.
Arshi: But I guess Nihatika had met some of the members already.
Rachana: But Niharika had left the ​​place when the troupe arrived.
Arshi: Yes I know but she had met them at any other place, She informed me so.
Rachana: OK.
Archi: I wish, I had danced with them.
Rachana( laughing): If you had danced with them, you would have broken your bones.

Arshi: Oh, really I think you don’t know, I have already talked to them to include me in their troop.
Rachana: If you had really talked to them, you wouldn’t have stood here wishing.
Arshi: It’s because the troupe informed me about the guidelines. They have given me a form to participate.

Rachana: Really
Arshi: oh Sorry Rachana I was only cracking a joke. Let’s go from here now.
Rachana: But where?
Arshi: In a restaurant.
Rachna: Which restaurant
Arshi: Where we had had our dinner last month.

Rachna: OK, let’s go.

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