Uses of Some & Any

Uses of Some


‘Some’ IS used in Plural Countable & Uncountable

Plural Countable-


I have only some plants in my garden.

He has only some apples in his basket.

I need some more days to complete this project.



He has left some soup in his bowl. Serve him more.

I have left some money in my pocket.

I like to listen to some light music.

‘Some’ can be used in Negatives also when the expected answer is – YES


Have you left some chocolates for me also?

Has he some good ideas ? I really need his help. 

You are looking tired. Would you like to have some coffee?

I have left my colour pencils at home. Can you lend me some, please?

( You are asking from your friend )


Uses of Any


In general ‘Any’ is used with negative or Interrogative sentences:-


Any is used in negative When we have to show something doesn’t exist or we don’t possess something.


I don’t have any pen right now. Please ask someone else.

I have left my wallet at home. So I don’t have any money right now.

Any is used in Interrogavtives  

When the expected answer is NO

Sorry, I forgot my pens at home. Do you have any extra pen?

( When you ask from a strange or you are 99% confirmed that the next person would not help you)

But if the expected answer is NO, it can be used with Affirmative sentences also. 

Check if there is any money in your wallet

I doubt whether he is having anyone with him.  

I hope if I would be able to get any prize at the Annual Function. 

Note :

You can easily recognize such sentences with the phrases :-

I hope…

I think…

I doubt…

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