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how much you know about the Dummy Subject ‘ There ‘

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In the last lesson, we studied DIFFERENT USES OF ‘ IT ‘as a Subject.

i.e the first kind of ‘Dummy Subject ‘. This lesson will be continued with

the second kind of Dummy Subject ‘ THERE’ under which we will cover the topic  ‘ DIFFERENT USES OF ‘THERE’ as a SUBJECT’

So before diving deeper, let’s first clear ourselves with the basic

concept of  use of  ‘ THERE ‘

The word ‘There’ can be used with two meanings actually.

Its first meaning is an adverb of place.

  • I saw Anshu there in the market.
  • I searched for Anu a lot in the fair but was not able to find her there.
  • I saw a snake there in the pond.
  • Don’t go there.

Its second meaning has truly no meaning at all.

Specially when it is used as a Pronoun. In such case,

it is assumed as a Dummy Subject , we studied about in our

previous lesson ‘ Dummy Subject or Artificial Subject with

the first kind of a Dummy Subject ‘ IT ‘ ( Different Uses of ‘ It’ )

So because our lessons ofTense’ is going on in detail

with all the quizzes, conversation, podcast and video lectures,

in this lesson, I am going to explain  you in detail,

‘ Different Uses of ‘There’

1. As an Introductory Subject

‘There’ as a dummy subject is used with a noun or a noun phrase and the verb ‘be’ when we need to  introduce new information or say that something exists.

Don’t cry, There lives a kind lady behind our school. Hope, she would help us.

There is a lovely garden beside my home. ( New Information.)

Let’s have a walk there. ( Adverb of place)

2. For Story Beginning

In story writing, When we have to introduce a person, a place or a thing. .

  • Once upon a time , there was a king.
  • There was no sign of life.
  • Weren’t there two lions in the forest ?

3. When we have to give details about a building/place/people/

environment ,working environment with the details of quantity/numbers

  • There are 40 teachers in my school.
  • There are 40 rooms in my school
  • There is a very old banyan tree in my village.
  • There were around 50 people in those hutments.
  • There is always a unity among all the company members.

            The never leak the company’s personal information.

4. ‘There’ can be used with an expression of quantity followed by infinitive.

  • There was a lot to learn. But you wasted all the time in your chit-chat.
  • There were many beautiful ripe fruits to be plucked..
  • There will always be someone to help you..

5. We can use ‘ There’ with ‘for + noun / pronoun’ to show who /what we’re talking about

  • There is nothing for him now to do.
  • There left nothing for Akshat to discuss.
  • There is always a hope for us to believe in the Universal Sounds.

6. We can use a definite noun phrase with ‘there’ when

‘ there ‘  means ‘in that place’. ( FOR INDICATING SOMETHING/SOMEONE  )

There’s my black ink pen , I was looking for.

Hey , there is Shuchi, finally  we found here.

7. We can use names or noun phrases with

‘there’ (as a dummy subject) when we are

suggesting different options ,

and the sentence is the one where we would usually

need a definite or Indefinite article.  ( Article Quizzes )

There are a beautiful garden and an awesome restaurant 

beside my home. Tell, where would you like to visit ?


8. With some expressions where subject is absolutely not clear.

There is blowing a hard wind today.

There may be rain today.

Wasn’t there a stinky smell outside his house ?

9. With Slang Expressions

Sometimes use of ‘There ‘ is found in informal English.

  • Hey there, can you tell me where this way goes to ?
  • ….. & there I have found Madhav , my naughty baby.

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