Correct the Sentences with the correct placement of Verbs:-

  1. 1. Everyone wish to be rich.
  2. 2. Who does not wants to be rich.
  3. 3. Each parrot and bird sitting on the tree are waiting on the tree for the rain to stop.
  4. 4. Both of the dishes was yummy.
  5. 5. All the girls is looking happy today.
  6. 6. All are up to you now.
  7. 7. You everyone is responsible for spoiling my painting.
  8. 8. Each of you are appointed for accomplishing this task.
  9. 9. Each and Every joke were amusing.

1. wishes

2. does not want

3. is waiting

4. are yummy

5. are looking

6. is up to you

7. are responsible

8. is appointed

9. joke was

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