Editorial Letter Questions CBSE BASED:


1. At your grandmother’s house 26/8 Gwalior, M.P., you were quite shocked to see such a bad quality of water. Write a letter to the editor and ask him to write an article to make the citizens and government aware of the problem of increasing the bad quality of water. You are Panjal/Priti.
2. Write a letter to the Postmaster of Jawaharlal Ghar Delhi inquiring about the whereabouts of a courier you said sent to your parents in Dehradun. You are Sunidhi/ Sujay.
3. Two main parks in your locality have suffered from neglect on the part of local authorities. They have virtually been taken over by undesirable elements. As a result, the residents have stopped going to the parks. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your concern about the problems the neglect has created and suggest measures to reclaim the parks for children. You are Gautam/Gauri 2, Gobind Enclave, Meerut.

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