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Krishna Listens - The Universe Listens

So, on the evening of April 15, 2023,, I found myself in the courtyard of Bake Biharij, unable to believe what I witnessed that my dream had come true so miraculously. 

I don’t know how the desire to visit Bake Bihariji  (one of the childhood incarnations of Lord Krishna) slipped into my mind when I was about to return to Agra my birth place from my Didi’s house in Bihar. I was scrolling up and down some of the videos of the temple of Bake Bihari ji during the week of Holi- one of the well-known Sanatani festivals of colors.



I was left with mind-boggling remembrances if I had visited Bake Bihari Ji during my childhood. We often used to visit Vrindavan with family as it is situated close to  Agra. But I could hardly remember the temple. During some of the school picnics as well, I visited Vrindavan but hardly could remember if I had visited Bake Bihari ji . And,  I decided to visit Bake Biharji as soon as I reach Agra.

But as it is said, ‘ When you wish to visit any of the spiritual places by heart, God also wishes to call you in a true sense . But at the same time , He keeps on giving tests to you just to make the devotee more righteous by breaking their old bad Karma patterns including this birth as well. God actually does so because He loves you a lot but due to the laws of the universe, He is also limited to fulfill our desires. So let how much He loves you, He can’t go against the laws which say,  ” Your Kamas will only bear the fruits. “

But because He loves you very much so helps you to break your bad Karma patterns so that you could be free of baggage and continue your spiritual journey unless you meet the purpose of your life. So I couldn’t visit Vrindavan the whole of the year due to a number of unexplained reasons. But the day when my Lord felt-  I should be in His courtyard, He called me.


I was going to visit my Didi’s place again exactly after a year. It was the last day. On 14th April, 2023, ,  we had reservations in waiting. One reservation had been confirmed and two were still in waiting. As we were total three members– I , my elder sister and my niece.
We were busy in packing in a hope of the reservation might be confirmed by the last moment.
However, despite all my preparations, I was anxious that the Lord didn’t finally call me. One whole year has gone by and my mind was struggling with trillions of questions: –


“Is God not happy with me ?
“ Have I done any mistake in His service? “

“ Am I not the worthy one to have His Darshan by receiving His blessings? “



In the end, I burst out at Him, saying, “It’s OK if you don’t want to call me, but, if you really feel I deserve to meet you, do the miracle and call me otherwise don’t upset me with this idea in my mind and disappointment in my heart that I couldn’t visit your temple,” and then forgot all about it.

However, God genuinely is very kind. He doesn’t make any distinctions in his affection for anyone.  Only you have to communicate with Him with full right in the same way you would with your parents. He truly does pay attention. He truly wants, you should have loving arguments with Him also as you do with your siblings . 

Well, it was the evening time, Finally, reservations couldn’t be confirmed and we got relaxed with a heavy heart obviously in the hope of booking tickets through ‘tatkal’  emergency reservations.


The next day, as part of my daily morning routine, I awoke to the sound of Lord Vishnu hymns playing on my phone. I then got to work reading and writing the script for my upcoming video lesson on “Kinds of Idioms” for my educational YouTube channel, “Buds of Wisdom,” when I overheard my niece whispering to my sister (her mother), “Now since we don’t know when we are going to our place, let’s visit to Bake Bihari Ji.”


I was startled to feel as though Krishna had entered her head and was speaking through her. And Didi immediately booked OLA as she knew , I was consistently requesting her from some days. Hearing all of this made my blood turn cold.


I thanked God immediately I thanked the universe instantly.

And we got ready as soon as possible.  And took a sigh of relief when I found myself standing in front of him in the midst of thousands of devotees. I saw Him and expressed my gratitude to Him for finally making me realize He listen to me.


Well, the experience I went through is not that much surprising to all the people who have given time to devotions but it serves as a modest lesson and reminder for anyone who feels that God is not listening to them.  God always listens, just call Him with full faith and with full right . He is listening to you without a pinch of doubt, If ever you feel like , He is getting late, don’t get angry with Him as He is only repairing the wires of your bad Karmas by improving and polishing it.  He is listening to you each moment. He loves you unconditionally more than you can imagine.

Hare Krishna

जय हो श्री बांके बिहारीलाल की

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