Before you Write

  • Prepare a rough draft.
  • Write Key Features of the Character
  • Then finally write in 2 to 3 paragraphs according to the given word limit

1. Kind of Character :-

  • Historical Character
  • Imaginative Protagonist
  • Positive
  • Negative

2. How to Start:-

  • Try to start with quote / famous saying relatable to the character.


  • For the Character Sketch of Gautam Buddha:-

       “ A great tree grows from two soft leaves to spread its shade after.”

         Righly writes Edwin Arnold in his book ‘Light of Asia’

         for Gutam Buddha an apostle whose sacrifices

         can never be forgotten. Gautam Buddha was born……



3. Name of Chapter and Writer

Try to mention the name of the author of the chapter from where the 

character has been taken.

4. Leading / Secondary Character…..

You can also mention the character is the leading one or the secondary one

5. Basic traits of the character

Divide them in Positive and Negative

  •  Positive, 



   Kind hearted 






Note: Don’t write charcter in points /headings.


         Write only in Paragraph

f.  Connect your line with the dialogue


The Bus conductor was really an amusing personality. He would always cut jokes to make the passengers laugh and create the atmosphere light. When Vali insists not to call her a child, he begins to call

Her. “ Madam”, “ May we start now Madam?”

“Everyone move aside please… make way for madam.”

7. Why you like/dislike that character

8. What your leant from that charcter



Character Sketch of Gutam Buddha


“A great tree grows from two soft leaves to spread its shade after.”

Righly writes Edwin Arnold in his book ‘Light of Asia’  for Gautam buddha an apostle whose sacrifices can never be forgotten. Gautam Buddha was born 563B.C. in a royal family of northern India but was less fortunate , He couldn’t

enjoy his prince hood more than twenty years.

very sensitive by nature, he renounced the world of luxury coming across human suffering, sickness, old age and death. His strong will power couldn’t shake him to leave his princely life and family which he loved a lot . He attained enlightenment after undergoing a long period of renunciation and hardships. He wandered for seven long years and finally sat down under  a peepal tree  in mediation and finally came to be known as the Buddha.

He was a selfless soul who shared even his wisdom and enightment to eliminate human sufferings.

He had a deep psychological insight. He  handled Kisa Gotami’s  grief not only by uttering words of wisdom, but by making her realise the reality of birth and death by letting her experience  personally.

When he asked her for mustard seeds, he added , “ The musturard seed must be taken from a house where no one has lost a child husband, parent or friend.”

Thus the life of Gautam Buddha teaches us how to recognize – ‘self ’ & never hesitate to leave our weaknesses and worldly pleasures on the path of human services.

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