1. If Lucy was my friend, I would never let her feel down.
  2. Oh that! Ankita is been my friend.
  3. I wish that I have a real pearl.
  4. If you was at my place, you would have killed him. 
  5. If the road to success is so easy, everyone in the world would be a millionaire. 
  6. had I have that beautiful butterfly in my little garden, I would never let it go. 
  7. He talks as if he was the prince of anywhere.
  8. If Nidhi and Sunidhi were your friends, you would never think any ill against them. 
  9. Oh that! I were your angel. 


  1. Lucy had been
  2. Ankita had been
  3. I had 
  4. If you had been 
  5. ..success were
  6. Had I had
  7. ..he were the prince
  8. ..you would never think
  9. ..I were

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