Possessive Adjective

Possessives – the word has been derived from the word POSSESSIONS meaning of which is TO OWE SOMETHING.

Thus “The person or thing that has right on anyone or anything is called Possessive.”

i.e. Possessives are the words that show whom the thing or person belongs to

Possessive Adjective/ Determiners

“The words used before the nouns that show the ownership on something/someone are called Possessive Adjective.”

  • It is MY pen.

       Means- This pen belongs to me.

  • is it YOUR water bottle ?

   Means-  ( Does this bottle belong to you?)

  • Where are THEIR notebooks?

      ( Where are the books that belong to them?

The basic feature of Possessive

  1. It is used in place of a noun.

 e.g. Whose pen is this?

      This is Ankit’s pen.

      Suppose Ankit is standing in front of you. 

      You will say by pointing out Ankit that ” It is his pen.” 

      so here the word HIS has been replaced with 

      the noun-Ankit.

2. The Possessive Adjective is always used before the noun.

3. It informs us whom the things belong to.

4. It can be placed as a complement of the verb or as a Subjective case.

e.g. It is my purse. (Complement of a verb)

Is- verb

my – complement  

     (My) purse is on the table. (the subject of a verb)

is- Verb

My Purse-  subject 

A Possessive adjective can be divided into Singular and Plural in the following way- 


HIs- for a boy

Her- for a girl

Its- non-living/ideas

My- I Person

Your – Singular / Plural- II Person

Our- Plural- I Person

Their- III Person

‘ Your’  is used as a Singular and Plural also

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