As in the previous part, we studied the kinds of

Quantifiers, here we are going to have a detailed study of




Several :- ( a number of/ more than two but not many )

                  I have several novels of Charles Dickens in my small library.

                   Ruchi has not  several kinds of flowers in her garden.

Enough : ( as much/as many as required)

                   I have enough contacts to ask for help.

                   You have enough money to buy what you want.

A number of :  ( more than two but fewer than many)   

                  There are a number of easy questions . You can solve the first easy ones.

                  A number of students joined the online class.

Some:- Some expresses quantity / numbers in a positive tone.

                  I have some water in my glass.

                  I saw some bunches of grapes hanging down the tree.

Note :- sometimes we use some in a negative tone also.   

Large Quantity –

Numerous:-  great in number

There are numerous examples of failures in Grammar

who took the subject so easy.

We saw numerous beautiful birds in the Ghana Bird Sanctuary.

large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough.


Due to pandemic, you have plenty of time to work on your creativity.

A lot of/ lots of :

 a large  amount of (things, people, etc.)

There was a lot of crowd in the stadium.

He has eaten a lot of chocolates. Don’t give him any more.


‘Lots of’ is used for Informa English

While a lot if is used in Formal English.

Much / Many

Much for quantity (uncountable nouns)

All the teachers take much pain to teach the students online. 

Much happiness don’t suits to some people many times.

Many– – for counting (countable nouns)

I have brought many beautiful boxes of colours for you.

Many enchanting flowers were blooming in my garden.

Too much / Too many:

Excess of situations to handle r/ excess of quantity not need much (more than enough)

We sometimes spend too much time chasing our dreams and in the end, find nothing.

We got too many calls after the accident that became hard to handle.

Small Quantity

Few, a few. the few- talks about the small number.

Little, a little, the little – talk about small quantity.


I have a few flowers blooming in my garden.

The little water I had in my glass had been poured out.

The detailed study of Small Quantifiers will be explained soon in the next part.



1. ________ labour has been done to accomplish this task.

Correct! Wrong!

2. I have _____ good ideas to solve this problem. Should I share with you ?

Correct! Wrong!

3. I have _______ plans to work on this project . But nobody wants to help me.

Correct! Wrong!

4. How _____ questions have you solved till now?

Correct! Wrong!

5. I have ______ food in my plate. I need not more now.

Correct! Wrong!

6. ______ cheating chits in his pencil box became the reason of his punishment.

Correct! Wrong!

7.You are my real supporter. In future ,ask me ____ help if you need from me.

Correct! Wrong!

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