A Letter to God ( Objective Question Paper )

Welcome to your A Letter to God ( Objective Question Paper )

1. Tell the lliterary device used in the lines- " These aren't raindrops falling from the sky . They are the new coins."
2. Identify the speaker in the first line .

3. List the set of the statements the are NOT TRUE:------(1)The older boys were working on the field.------(2) The smaller boys were sleeping.------(3) It was during the meal time when it started raining.------(4) In the beginning the large hailstones began to fall. ----(5)------In the East huge mountains of clouds could be seen.----(6) Lencho compares the raindrops with the new coins. -----(7) Lencho hadn't a bit of faitth in God.
4. How did Lencho's wife react when Lencho expressed his prediction about the rain?

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