Different uses of Future Indefinite Tense

Recognition and Key Features





Hello everyone,

I , Future Indefinite Tense,  welcome you all in today’s lesson. I am going to share here my  autobiography. So , kindly study attentively.

So in the last chapter you studied about Past Indefinite Tense with Quizzes and Conversation. Hope my  expiations is clear to you. If you still have any doubt , study it again and don’t forget to do the exercises from your grammar book.

So let’s begin now my story.

 I  generally talk about future events or actions that are going to take place in the coming time.  You can define me simply in the following way:-

“A sentence that refers to an event ,action ,habit emotion behaviour experience or prediction that are going to exist in recent or distant future is called Future Indefinite Tense. “

If you wish to know more about me , you have to visit with me with patience to know more about me. So here we go…

1. To Express General Wish

I am often used to express my heartfelt desires which generally I scare to express.

For example-

  • Manisha will also go with us, if you don’t mind.
  • I hope, you will not misunderstand me.

But sometimes love to express .


  • Don’t miss the party, we shall enjoy together a lot.
  • Hope you got it. So let’s see my next use

2. For making Predictions

I help you to make a statement for which you are 95% sure.

  • It is predicted that the earthquake will come soon. 
  • It is assumed that the next wave will come soon.


 You can recognize me here with the following hints as well-


Hint – Such sentences often start with-

 ( I think, I know, I am sure, I doubt )


  • I guess Anita will not join us today.
  • I think the school will remain closed tomorrow.
  • I am sure that you will enjoy the party.
  • I doubt whether he will pass. 

3. In Conditional Statement Type one (Pair with Present Indefinite Tense)( IF + Present Indefinite +Future Indefinite)

Do you know, 1st the type of Conditional Sentence depends on me in completions of its 1st type of sentence. 


( Except for Zero Condition, Conditional Statements are never framed with the same tense. So in Condition Type 1, we have to take help from Future Indefinite Tense to complete the sentence. ) 

  • IF you invite Reema, She will attend the party.
  • I will also climb on the tree if you try first.

Hope you understood it well Now let’s move to my next use and his one is very interesting. 

5. For making/Rejecting Offers 

I can help you in making or rejecting offers as well.

a. Making Offers

  • You have played fantastically. Now, I will prepare a cup of coffee for you.
  • Did you notice how easy it is? Now let us reject some offers. 

b. Rejecting offers

  • You have spoiled my mood. Now, I will not do any work.
  • You will not force me to go anywhere. 

How did you find this rule ? Now let’s go ahead to the next use-though this is very dangerous but cute as well –                

6. For Making Promises/Threats

I help you in making promises on one hand.

For example 

 I will be present there by the given time.

 I promise I’ll always be there with you. 

But with it, I help in making threats as well. See examples:-

  • If you don’t accept your guilt, I will report it to the police.
  • If you don’t give me the key of your locker, I’ll lock all of you in this room.

7. To Express Expectations/ Reported Speech 

When Reporting Verb is in Present Tense

 I help in showing your expectations as well. And I hope ,

you remember the rules of Reported Speech-  

my position is not changed if the Reporting Verb is Present Tense.

See these examples   

  • Nikki has said that she will help me in completing my project.
  • It seems that she won’t return now.

Ok , so now ,  this is my last use –

8. Making Informal Requests/ orders 

I help you in making an informal request and making orders also. 

See how…

  •  Will you kindly help me to lift this heavy box?
  • Shall we leave now?  
  • Will you leave my place right now?

Hope you have  understood well my different uses now let’s quickly move ahead to my structure. How am I actually formed with different kinds of statements? 

Recognition/ Key Features

When we find the root form (base form) of the verb with will/shall

  • I shall narrate my plan to you soon.
  • Arjun will balance everything.
  •  Will you listen to me now?


Future Indefinite Tense carries two structures


(A) In General Sense

Affirmative- Subject+ will/shall+V1st + Object.


I Person(I/We)- Shall

II and III Person( You he, she,it,they)- will

(B) In a compulsion, strong confirmations, strong desires the rule will be applied in reverse order

II and III Person( You he, she,it, they)- Shall

I Person(I/We)- will

  • In any condition, Sheetal shall return today.
  • I am sure, I will win the trophy today. 


Subject+ wii/shall+ not+ V1 + Object.

  • Ashwin will not participate in the debate.
  • The boys will not return by Monday. 

Structure – With ‘Never’-

Subject+ will/shall+never +V1+ object.

  • He will never listen to me.
  • Jagriti will never break the rules.  


Interrogative Statements- Type-1

Will/Shal+ Subject +V1 + object

Will you listen to me?

Will she attend our party today?

Interrogative Statements- -Type 2

‘Wh’ family word + will/shall+ Subject + V1+ object.

When will Dushyant return?

 Why will you not accompany me?

Interrogative Statements- type -3 

How much/ how many + related noun+ will/shall Subject+ V1+ object.

 How many bottles of juice will you buy for the party?

How much work will you be able to finish by tomorrow?

Interrogative Negative Statement

In such condition be attentive of only one thing . 

—Subject+ Not —

Remaining part of the structure will be same. Only add not after the Sunject. 


Will Kavi not attendi our party?

Why will Seema not join us?

How much water will you not have within 24 hours?


Tell your nearby future planning- Next Monday, I’ll…

Make a short conversation and practice with your partner.

 Ex: What will you gift me on my birthday?

Well, I shall dance for you. Will you join me?

Yes sure, I will. 

Kindly, share your views on the explanation – Thank you !

Wait for Quizzes and Conversations- Thank You !

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