Following are the words that express

HAPPIENES –     Hurrah! Oh !

SORROW–        Alas! Ah ! Oh !

SURPRISE-         Wow !What a great , How

REGRET  –    Oh my goodness !

APPLAUD/PRAISE-         Bravo ! Well Done !   


a. Comma and Inverted commas( ,” “) will be changed into conjunction – that

b. Exclamatory sentence will be changed into Assertive Sentence

c. Exclamation mark ( ! ) will be changed into Full stop (.)

c.Said / said to  and exclamation phrases are changed into the following ways:-

Reporting Verb Reported Speech
  Said to (HAPPINESS)   Exclaimed with joy/ happiness/delight
  Said to ( SORROW ) Exclaimed with sorrow
 Said to ( Surprise ) Exclaimed with surprise/ delight
Said to ( REGRET ) Exclaimed with regret
Said to (  Applause ) Applauded / Praised saying that….



Namita said to Riya , “ Hurrah ! I have stood first in the class .”

Namita exclaimed Riya with joy that she had stood first in the class.

Divya said, “ Wow ! We have won the match.”

Divya exclaimed with  joy that they had won the match.


Akshita said , “ Alas  ! I have lost the match .”

Akshita exclaimed with sorrow that she had lost the match.

Divya said to Nikhil , “ Ah! We have lost the match .”

Divya exclaimed  Nikhil  with sorrow that they had lost the match.


Uday said  , “ Oh God ! I lost my key”

Uday exclaimed with regret that they had lost his key.

Niti said, “ Oh ! There is no hope now.”

Niti exclaimed with regret that there was no hope then.

Applause / Praise  

The teacher said to the boys,” Bravo ! You have played well.”

The teacher applauded the boys saying that they had played well.

Disha said, “ Well done ! You did your job perfectly.”

Disha said that she had done her job perfectly. 


Simran said , “ What a great fall !”

Simran exclaimed with delight that it was a great fall.

Nishi said, “ How beautiful the rain is !”

Nishi exclaimed that it was a very beautiful rain.


a. How/ What will be changed into –very / great

b. In surprises – said /said to can be changed into only exclaimed only.

WITH JOY or WITH SORROW is not every time necessary to be added.

Exercise 7

How to change an Exclamatory Sentence

The girl said , “ Hurrah ! I found my lost ring.”

a. They said, “ Alas ! She lost her dog. “

b. Sahe said, “ What a horrible snake it is !”

c. He said to me, “ Wow ! It was the picture, I wanted for.”

d. Divya said to Dipti, “ How clever you are !”

e. “ How pretty this sparrow is!” said said Mitu to Kirti.

f. He said, “ What a dark night is it !”

g. The captain said to the team, “ Bravo ! You hit the stroke.”

“f. Good heavens ! I dropped my keys somewhere. “ Saumit said to Samarth.

g. Ankit said to me, “ Oh ! Our beautiful garden has been spoiled due to hail.”

h. Avanti said ,” Alas ! I lost my beautiful pen.”


1. ” How pretty you are ! ” said the fox to the crow. 

The Fox exclaimed with surprise that _________he is very pr​​etty 

a. He were very pretty 

b. He had been very pretty 

c. he was very pretty 

d. he was very pretty 

Ans. d. he was very pretty. 

2. Poonam said ,” Hurrah ! I have won the competition. “

Poonam exclaimed with joy that she ______

a. had won the competition 

b. she had won the competition 

c. I had won the competition 

d. we had won the competition 

Ans. b. she had won the competition 

3. They said to me,” What a nice flower it is !”

They exclaimed me that _______

a. it has been a nice flower 

b. it was a nice flower 

c. that was a nice flower

d. it had been a nice flower 

Ans. b It was a nice flower. 

4. The boy said , ” What a fine picnic it was ! ” 

The boy exclaimed that ________

a. t has been a nice picnic 

b. It had been a nice picnic 

c. It was a nice picnic 

d. That was a nice picnic.

Ans. It was a nice picnic 

5. Nandini said ” Alas ! My friend has met with an accident. ” 

Nandini exclaimed with sorrow that ___________.

a. her friend was met with an accident 

b. my friend had met with an accident 

c. her friend had met with an accident 

d. my friend has met with an accident

Ans. that her friend had met with an accident 

6. Arjuna said to Rishika, ” Oh ! We have got a new home.”

Arjuna exclaimed Rishika with joy _______

  a. that he had got a new home 

b. that they had got a new home 

c. that we had got a new home 

d. that we had got a new home

Ans. that they had got a new home.

7. Akshat said ,” Hurrah ! We have booked our flight.” 

Akshat exclaimed with happiness that _______

a. they had booked their flight 

b. we have booked our flight 

c. they have booked their flight 

d. we had booked our flight 

Ans. they had booked their flight 

8. Nisha said to us , ” Bravo !  You have played well. ” 

Nisha applauded us saying that ______

a. we had played well

b. they has played well

c. we have played well 

d. they have played well 

Ans. we had played well. 

9 . The teacher said to me, ” Congratulations! You  have stood first. ” 

The teacher congratulated me ______

a. that I had stood first 

b. saying that I had stood first 

c. that you had stood first 

d. saying that I have stood first. 

Ans. saying that I had stood first.  

10. I said ,” Alas! I have lost my bunch of keys. “

I exclaimed with sorrow that _______

a.  he had lost his bunch of keys 

b. I had lost my bunch of keys 

c. she has lost his bunch of keys 

d. I have lost my bunch of keys 

Ans. I had lost my  bunch of keys 



Priya : Look, what is there  ?

    Jiya: Wow ! What a pretty bird it is !

    PrIya:  Have you seen  it before?

    Jiya : No, I haven’t.

Priya: Alas ! you could not see one more pretty bird here.

Jiya : Oh! It is really sad.

Priya aksed Jiya in amazement what ______ Jiya exclaimed

with surprise_________   Priya asked Jiya again if she had seen it before. 

Jiya replied that _______. Priya exclaimed with sorrow that ______


Priya asked Jiya in amazement what there was. Jiya exclaimed with surprise that it was a nice bird.  Priya asked Jiya again if she had seen it before. Jiya replied that she had not. Priya exclaimed Jiya with sorrow that she could not see one more pretty bird. Jiya also exclaimed with unhappiness that it was really sad.

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