Basic points to ponder:-


As we know ,there are two kinds of Interrogative sentences:-

Type 1 – That start with Auxiliary Verb

Type 2 – That start with ‘ Wh family’ words

Type 2 is again sub divided in 2 parts

Type 2a. question words starting with Wh family words

Type 2b. question word starting with ‘How’ ( How much/How many )


Basic Rules of Changing


( If beginning with helping / auxiliary verb)

a. Said/ said to is changed in ASKED / ENQUIRED OF

( Said to – asked/ enquired of )

NOTE: Some times asked / enquired of is already given

in Reporting Verbs So don’t get confused , they will remain same.

b. Commas / Inverted Commas are converted into if / whether

Comma / Inverted Comma (,  ” “  )-   if/whether

c. Interrogative sentences are changed into Assertive Sentences

Interrogative sentence -Assertive Sentence

i) Interrogative – Positive

ii) Interrogative Negative – Simple Negative

d. Question Mark ( ?)will be chamged into full stop   ( .)

(? )- (. )


Direct : Ananya said to me , “ Does Shweta like chocolate ?”

Ananya asked me if Shweta liked chocolate.

Direct : Rama said to Roshni , “ Do you not like coffee ?”

Rama enquired of Roshni if she did not like coffee.

Direct : Nisha said to Neha, “Did  Avni  return your book ?”

Nisha asked Neha if Avni had returned her book.

Type 1


a.)( Interrogative starting with helping Verbs)

  1. Ankush said to me , “Can you spare some time for me?”
  2. I said to Nisha , “ Are you not feeling well here”
  3. You said to Arunima, “ Will you lend me your pen?
  4. Sheetal said to Akshat, “ Did you meet Akash yesterday ?”
  5. Anshuman said to Pratibha, “ Had you seen this movie before ?”
  6. Aditi  said , “ Didn’t you look into the matter deeply?”
  7. She said to Sumya,” May I use your pen for some time?
  8. Nishi said to Rachna, “ Won’t you like to have a cup of coffee with me?
  9. Divya said to Shivam, “ Did Naman come to meet you yesterday ?”
  10. Raunak said to Abhishek, “ Have you seen Sagar anywhere ?”

How to change ‘WH FAMILY WORDS’

Basic points to ponder( If Reported :Speech starts with ‘ Wh family’ words-

Type 2a. ( Wh family words)

a. Said to – asked/ enquired of

b. Comma / Inverted Comma (, ” “ ) ——-  No change

‘Whfamily’ words are conjunctions in themselves ( So no extra conjunction )

c. Interrogative Sentences are changed into Assertive sentences

(Interrogative – Assertive)

Interrogative – Positive

Interrogative Negative – Simple Negative

d. Question mark will be replced with full stop.

[(•(?) – ( .)]


Direct : Kajal said to Silky , “ Why does  Anshu waste her time?”

Kajal asked Silky why Anshu wasted her time.

Direct : Stuti  said to Sneha , “ Why did you not join the party with me today ?”

Stuti enquired of Sneha why she had not joined the party with her that day.

Direct : Akriti said to Riya,” When will Anushka come?”

Akriti asked Riya when Anushka would come.

Basic points to ponder:-


Type 2b.

If question words start with ( How Much/ How many)

a. Said to -asked/ enquired of •

  b. Comma/Inverted commas ” “  ——-  No Connector

The question word HOW is a conjunction in itself ( So no extra conjunction is needed)

So How much and How many are never replaced

c. An Interrogative Sentence is changed into Assertive sentence-

Interrogative sentence —-   Assertive Sentence

Interrogative – Positive

Interrogative Negative – Simple Negative(?)  ( .)


Direct : Saurabh said to Shivansh , “ How many apples would you like to have ?.”

Saurabh asked Shivansh how many apples he would like to have.

Direct : Shubham said to Tejas , “ Why did you not join the party with me today ?”

Shubham enquired of Tejas why he had not joined the party with him that day.

Type 2 & 3


(Interrogative starting with Whfamily Words)

  1. Babita said, “ When are you going to meet me ?
  2. Sneha said to Pakhi , “ Why are you so worried ?
  3. Bhumi said to Anku, “ How many pencils did she buy last week?”
  4. Priyanshu said to Kesri , “ Why are you teasing your friend?”
  5. Kainat said to Saloni , “ Why hadn’t you complete your work till now ?”
  6. “ Where is my mobile ?” said Nidhi to Khushi .
  7. Abhishek said to Rahul, “ Whose book was Ayush asking for ?”
  8. Manas said to Rahim, “ Which watch are you asking for?”
  9. “ How are you ?” asked Riya .
  10. Ridhim said to Ridhima, “ How have you done so the toughest task ?”

Exercise : Choose the correct option

  1. The lady said to the girl,” Do you live in this house?”

The lady asked the girl______

a. that I lived in that house

b. if I lived in that house.

c. if she lived in that house.

Ans. c

2. ” What is this tool for ?” said the girl to her sister.

The girl_____ her sister ________

a. asked- what that tool was made for.

b. asked – what was that toll made for.

c. told that what that tool was made for.

Answer a

3. Ram said to his friend, ” Can you tell me the way to the bus stop ?

Ram ____ his friend_____

a. said – could hetell him the way to the bust stop ?

b. enquired of -if he could tell him the way to the bus stop.

c. asked – if could he tell him the way to the bus stop.

Ans. b

4. The teaher said to Mohit, “Would you like to go on a trip ?”

The teacher enquired of Mohit____

a. if he would like to go on a trip.

b. that he would like to go on a trip

c. would he like to go on a trip

Answer : a

5. ” Where is your umbrella ?” asked Mohit from his sister.

Mohit asked his sister _____

a. where her umbrella was.

b. where her umbrella is.

c. where was her umbrella.

Answer: a

6. Meera said, ” Will you listen to me , Jack ?”

Meera asked Jack _______

a. would he listen to her

b. will he listen to her

c. if he would listen to her

Ans -c

7. Belinda said to elfs, ” Can you bring me the fairest rose ?”

Belinda asked elf if ______

a if they can bring her the fairest rose.

b. if they could bring her the fairest rose

c. could they bring her the fairest rose.

Ans: b

8. Shivam said to Shivani, ” May I use your pen ?”

Shivam asked Shivani ___________.

a. if he might use his pen

b. if I might use your pen

c. if he might use her pen.

Ans: c

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