As we know ,all the sentences that express – order, requests , advice, suggestions,

are called Imperative Sentences. They are again sub divided as

I. TYPE1: Request / Advice / Order –     beginning with main Verb / Do not

II. TYPE 2: Request / Advice / Order–     beginning with Let +us

III. TYPE 3: Request / Advice/ Order      beginning  with Let + Other Object

So first we SHALL study , Request / Advice / Order –

I. ‘How to change Imperative Sentences’ beginning with –

     – Main Verb / Do not

So the changes will take place in the following ways:-

Reporting VerbReported Speech
  Said to (Order)  ordered / instructed /commanded
  Said to ( Advice )advised
  Said to ( Request )requested/ urged

Sometimes all these verbs can be replaced with ‘ asked ‘or some other related synonyms. But at the initial level try to practice with the above-given verbs.

I. Imperative Sentences Affirmative Order

a. Said / said to – will be replaced with   –  ordered /instructed /commanded

b. Comma /Inverted Commas (, “ “ )- will be replaced with infinitive ( to + V1)


DIRECT: The teacher said to Richa , “ Close all the windows before leaving

 the classroom.”

INDIRECT: The teacher ordered Richa to close all the windows before leaving

 the classroom.

DIRECT: Vanshika said to Shruti , “ Stop chattering. “

INDIRECT: Vanshika instructed Shruti to stop chattering.

DIRECT: Shruti said to Rishika, ” Return my pen. “

INDIRECT: Shruti commanded Rishika to return her pen.

II. Imperative SentencesNegative-Order

a. Said / said to will be replaced with ordered /instructed / commanded Commas and Inverted commas will be replaced again with Infinitive

b. ,,“ “ – infinitive ( to + V1)Do not/ Don’t will be replaced with not to / forbade

c. Do not – not to/ forbade


Naman said to Abhishek,“ Don’t disturb me.”

Naman ordered Abhishek not to disturb him.


Naman forbade Abhishek to disturb him.

NOTE : Forbade already takes Negative form so the sentence will not take NOT.

III. Imperative SentenceAdvice

Affirmative/ Negative

  • Said / said to – Advice   –  advised
  • , “ “ —– infinitve ( to + V1)
  • Do not/ Don’t – not to/ forbade

DIRECT: Rahim said to Shubhanshu , ” Work hard and win the world.”

INDIRECT: Rahim advised Shubhanshu to work hard and win the world.

DIRECT: arsh said to Sumit,“ Do not waste your time.”

INDIRECT: Harsh advised Sumit not to waste his time.


INDIRECT: Harsh forbade Sumit to waste his time.

IV. Imperative SentencesAdvice

Affirmative/ Negative

a. Said / said to will be replaced with  advised

b. Comma/Inverted commas will be replaced with TO

, “ “ —– ( to + V1)

c. Do not/ Don’t will be replaced with not to/ forbade

DIRECT: Manas said to Mansi ,” Never believe on the strangers.”

INDIRECT: Manas advised Mansi never to believe on strangers.


INDIRECT: Sanskriti forbade Mansi to believe on the strangers.

V. Imperative Sentences Request

Affirmative/ Negativ

a. Said / said to is changes into – requested/ urged

b. Comma/Inverted commas will be changed into Infinitive(to+v1)

, “ “ – ( to + V1

c. Do not/ Don’t will be replaced with not to/ forbade

d. The words of request i.e please or kindly are removed in Indirect speech as they are already replaced with request.

DIRECT: Shivani said to Shivam , “ Please, give me your notes for sometime.”

INDIRECT: Shivani requested Shivam to give her his notes for sometime.

DIRECT: Siya said to Diya , “ Kindly help me .”

INDIRECT: Siya requested Diya to help her.

NOTE: Sometimes requests start with could, would and can like-

“Could I use you pen, please.”

“Would you please tell me the way to the seaport ,please ?”

Though the sentences are in the Question form but their indirect speech will be framed only in request. Because the sentences mentioned above are making requests.


DIRECT: Riya said to Diya , ” Could you please help me in completing my project?”

INDIRECT: Riya requested Diya to help her in completing her project.

Remember: question mark will be removed and Indirect speech will be started directly

as from the INFINITIVE ( To+V1) as the sentence of Direct Speech is assumed as a ‘request’ not a ‘question’.

Exercise 5

1.My friend said to me , ” Do what you wish.”

2. The doctor said to the patient , ” Have a walk early in the morning daily.”

3. The officer said to  the guard, ” Lock the gate sharp at 6 pm.”

4. ” Have patience and keep on practicing.” ,said Saba to Zeenat

5. Dhruv said, ” Get out of my room and don’t show me your face again.”

6. Nikhil said to Ravita , ” Never waste your energy in such a tedious task.”

8. ” Could you help me to complete this project?” , Jaya said to Nisha.

9. Deepa said, “Would you pay me in cash, please ?”

10 . Divyam said to Rita, ” Behave properly before elders.”


Opt out the correct one:-

1. The master said to the servant,” Bring me a cup of milk.”

The master ordered the servant______a cup of milk.

a. to bring me a cup of tea

b. to bring him a cup of tea.

c. that he must bring him a cup of tea.

Ans. b.

2. He said to Anshika , “Don’t disturb me”

He forbade Anshika _______

a. not to disturb her

b. that she should not disrurb him

c. to disturb him.


3. The sage said, ” Trust in God and do the right.”

The sage advised _______

a. to trust in God and do the right.

b. that trust in God and do the right.

c. Archan said to Sunidhi ,” Please, help me to lift this heavy box. “

4. Archana requested Sunidhi _____lift that heavy box.

a. to please help her to

b. to help her to

5. “Help the helplesss” said Bryan to me.

Brayan advised me _______

a. to help the helpless..

b. that help the helpless.

c. that I must help the helpless.

Ans. a

6. The old man said to the stranger,” could you help me to cross the road?”

The old man ______ the stranger ______

a. asked , if he could help him to cross the road.

b. requested, if he could help him to cross the road.

c. requested, to help him to cross the road.

Ans. c

7. ” Sit down and learn your lesson ,boys.” said the teacher to the students.

The teacher ordered the boys_____

a. to sit down and learn their lesson.

b. to sit down and learn his lesson .

c. that sit down and learn their lesson.

Ans. a

8. She said, ” Would you give me a glass og water ,please?”

She requested _______

a. to give him a glass of water.

b. to give her a glass of water.

c. that give her a glass of water .


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