II. TYPE 2: Request / Advice – beginning with – Let +us

Sometimes Imperative sentences start with LET US.

So if the request advice starts with

The changes will take place in the following ways:-


Reporting VerbReported Speech
  said/ Said to /told  proposed / suggested
  said/ Said to /told+ objectproposed / suggested+ to

a. Said / said to / told – will be replaced with   –  proposed / suggested


DIRECT : He said , ” Let us wait for Siya for sometime.”

INDIRECT: He proposed that we should wait for Siya for sometime.

NOTE : If we have object after said , it will be replaced with –

proposed to/ suggested to+


DIRECT: He said to Disha, ” Let us play carom for sometime.”

INDIRECT: He proposed to Disha that they should play carom for sometime.

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b. Comma /Inverted Commas (, “ “ )-

will be replaced with – THAT

c. ‘LET ‘- will be changed in – we/they ( as per noticing the object and subject,)

If you notice the SUBJECT/OBJECT of 1st person in the reporting verb,

it will be changed into ‘WE’- as a subject of Reported Speech

If you notice the subject /object of Reporting Verb in the 2nd or 3rd person, it will be changed into ‘THEY’. as a subject of Reported Speech

c. US – will be changed in to SHOULD / MUST


Direct : Siya said to Diya, ” Let’s go to movie.”

INDIRECT: Siya proposed to Diya that they must go to movie.

DIRECT: Anuj said to me , ” Let us play chess.”

INDIRECT: Anuj suggested to me that we should play chess.

DIRECT: Ankita said , ” Let’s have a cup of coffee. “

INDIRECT: Ankita proposed that we must have a cup of coffee.


INDIRECT: Ankita suggested that they must have a cup of coffee.

III. TYPE 3: Request / Advice/ Order beginning  with Let + Other Object

In the third type of Imperative sentences , we find the sentences that

start with other objective cases except US, which start with-

Let +me, you, him, her, it and them ( except us)

Basic points to ponder :-

If we find Advice / Request / Order in 3rd type of Imperative sentences,

the changes will take place in the following ways:-


a. Said / said to  in Reporting Verb will be changed in

  —— requested /advised / ordered

 b. Comma , Inverted Commas ( ‘ ” “) will be changed into ( to/ not to )

c. LET – will be changed into – TO LET


DIRECT: Anuj said to his boss, “Let me go home soon today.”

INDIRECT: Anuj requested his boss to let him go home soon that day.


DIRECT: Avantika said , “ Let him go.”

INDIRECT: Avantika advised to let him go.

DIRECT: Avni said to me , ” Do not let him go.”

INDIRECT:Avni advised me not yo let him go.


DIRECT: Vaishali said to her secretary, “ Let her do her work by herself.”

INDIRECT: Vaishali ordered her secretaryto let her do her work by herself.

Exercise 6

a. I said to my friend, “Let’s play tennis.”

b. Anish said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

c. Nikita said to Purvi, “ Let’s wait for 2 minutes more.”

d. “ Let’s prepare our children to defeat this pandemic.”, said the educationist.

e. “ Let me check this post again.” Said Suman to Sneha.

f. Maddy said to Darshan, “ Let him handle whole this drama.”

g. Subhan said to Shoaib, “ Let everyone attend the party first.”

h. The mother said to her daughter, “ Let you put only a little oil in the vegetable.”

i. Divyam said to Salman, “ Let there be silence unless my online class finishes.”

j. “ Let us make ourselves strong to fight against covid19 .” said the health minister to the public. 

k. “ Let’s have a party this Sunday. “said Satyam to Gaurav.

l. Gaurav, said “ “Let’s not.”

m. Shweta said to Ananya, “ Let us have one cup of coffee more.”

n. Ananya said to Shweta, “Let’s have.”


Opt out the correct one:-

  1. .Ram said to me , “Let us sing together.”

Ram proposed to me that _____ sing together. 

a. he must

b. we must

c. they must

Ans. b. we must

2. Nikhil said to his friends ” Let me do it immediately.”

Nikhil suggested to his friends that ______do it immediately. 

a. we should

b. they should

c. he should

Ans. b. they should

3. Smita said to her younger sister, ” Let me do my homework first. ” 
Smita ordered her sister _______ do her homework first.

a. to let me

b. to let her

c. to let him

Ans. to let her
4. Akshay said to her mom, ” Let me go to play outside .”

Akshay requested his mom _____  play outside.

a. to let him go to

b. that he should go to

c. to let them go to

Ans. a. to let him go to

5. He said to me , ” Let us start tomorrow.”

He proposed to me that ____the next day.

a. we must start

b. they must start

c. you must

Ans. a. we must

6. “Let me pick some flowers.” The child said to the gardener.

The child requested the gardener ______some flowers.

a. to let me pick

b. that let her pick

c. to let her pick

Ans. a. to let him

 g. He said in anger, ” Let the boy go alone if he wants so.”

He ordered in anger ________ if he wanted. 

a. to let him go alone

b. to let the boy go alone

c. that the boy go alone

Ans. c. let the boy go alone

h. She said to her sisters,” Let us enjoy some music .” 

She proposed to her sisters ________ enjoy some music.

a. that we must enjoy some music.

b. that they must enjoy some musi.

c. to enjoy some music.

I. Gautam said to me ,” Let us have a party tonight. ” 

Gautam proposed to me _______ have party that night.

a. that he should

b. to we should

c. that we should

Ans. c. that we should

j. The cat said to the rat ,” Let us start on a pilgrimage. ” 

The cat suggested to the rat that _____ start on a pilgrimage.  

a. we should

b. they should

c. she should

Ans. b. they should

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