Exercise 1.

a. I Radha says ,” Tapan is a nice boy."

a. Radha says that Tapan is a nice boy.

b. Ankita says , ” They enjoyed the game.”

b. Ankita says that they enjoyed the game .

c. “I can’t beat you.” says Abhimanyu to Arjuna.

c. Abhimanyu tells Arjun that he can’t beat him.

d. The teacher will say, ” These boys never complete their work.”

d. The teacher will say that those boys never complete their work.

e. Ahana will be saying, ” I met with my best friend here Last year.”

e. Ahana will be saying that she met her best friend there the previous year.

f. Samridhi tells Sukriti ,”Amrita will be playing chess at this time tomorrow.”

f. Samridhi tells Sukriti that Amrita will be playing chess at that time the next day.

g. “If you can not assist me”, says Pushpendra to his friend ” I will not be able to listen

to you in future.”

g. Pushpendra tells his friend if he can not assist him, he will not be able to

listen to him in future.

Exercise 2

a. Richard said, “Julia is writing a letter.”
a. Richard said that Julia was writing a letter.
b. Ananya said to me, “He swims very well.”
b. Ananya told me that he swam very well.
c. The sage said,” God loves all .”
c. The sage said that God loves all.
d. “ Ananya has been writing a poem since the last two hours,” said Disha to Nisha.
d. Disha told Nisha that Ananya had been writing a poem since the previous two hours.
e. The musician said, “True music pours out from the hearts naturally.”
e. The musician said that true music pours out from the heart naturally.
f. Divya said, “ God saves those who save themselves.”
f. Divya said that God saves those who save themselves.
g. He said, “ Angel has completed her work.”
g. He said that Angel had completed her work.
h. Ritvik said to me, “I shall leave for Vijayanagar soon.”
h. Ritvik told me that he would leave for Vijaynagar soon.
i. “Cynthia is the Moon goddess according to Greek mythology,” told the teacher to her students.
i. The teacher told her students that Cynthia is the moon goddess according to Greek mythology.

j.“Nikita,” said Ashu to Gazala, “had not met with her sister yet.”
j. Anshu told Ganzala that Nikita had not met her sister yet.

Exercise 3.

a. He said to me, “ I have finished my work.”
a. He told me that he had finished his work.
b. Shikha said to Sunita, “ You must not hurt yourself.”
b. Shikha told Sunita that she must not hurt herself.
c. Garima said to Gita,“ She enjoyed her holidays well.”
c. Garima told Gita that she had enjoyed her holidays well.
d. Divyansh said, “You are honest.”
d. Divyansh said that he/she/I was honest.
e. Divya said, “She must not waste her time.”
e. Divya said that she must not waste her time.
f. Deepak said to me, “ You should meet me tomorrow.”
f. Deepak told me that I should meet him the next day.
g.He said to me, “ I will return your notes tomorrow.”
g. He reported to me that he would return his notes the next day.
h. The teacher said, “ You always come late, Bhawna.”
h. The teacher told Bhawna that she always comes late.
i. Deeksha said to me, “ You did not wait for me yesterday.”
i. Deeksha told me that I had not waited for her the previous day.
j Akriti said to Rachna, “I can not talk to you anymore.”
j Akriti told Rachna that she could not talk to her anymore.

Exercise 4 (A)

a. Ankush said to Nisha, “ Are you not feeling well here? ”
a. Ankush asked Nisha if she was not feeling well there.
b. You said to Arunima, “ Will you lend me your pen?”
b. You asked Arunima if she would lend you her pen.
c. Sheetal said to Akshat, “ Did you meet Akash yesterday ?”

Sheetal asked Akshat if he had met Akash the previous day.
c. Anshuman said to Pratibha, “ Had you seen this movie before?”

c. Anshuman asked Akshat if he had seen that movies ago.
d. Aditi said, “ Didn’t you look into the matter deeply?”
d. Aditi asked if she/ he/ I hadn’t looked into the matter deeply.
e. She said to Saumya,” May I use your pen for some time?”
e. She asked Saumya if she might use her pen for some time.
f. Nishi said to Rachna, “ Won’t you like to have a cup of coffee with me?
f. Nishi asked Rachna if she won’t like to have a cup of coffee with her.
g. Divya said to Shivam, “ Did Naman come to meet you yesterday ?”
g. Divya asked Shivam if Naman had come to meet him the previous day.
h. Raunak said to Abhishek, “ Have you seen Sagar anywhere ?”
h. Raunak asked Abhishek if he had seen Sagar anywhere.

i Ankush said to me , “Can you spare some time for me?”

i. Ankush asked me if I could spare some time for him.

Exercise 4 (B)

a. Babita said, “When are you going to meet me?
a. Babita asked when I was going to meet her.
b. Sneha said to Pakhi, “Why are you so worried?”
b. Sneha asked Pakhi why she was so worried.
c. Bhumi said to Anku, “How many pencils did she buy last week?”
c. Bhumi asked Anku how many pencils she had bought the previous week.
d. Priyanshu said to Kesri, “Why are you teasing your friend?”
d. Priyanshu asked Kesri why he was testing his friend.
e. Kainat said to Saloni, “Why hadn’t you complete your work till now ?”
e. Kainat asked Saloni why she hadn’t completed her work till then.
f. “Where is my mobile ?” said Nidhi to Khushi.
f. Nidhi asked Khushi where her mobile was.
g. Abhishek said to Rahul, “Whose book was Ayush asking for ?”
g.Abhishek told Rahul whose book Ayush had been asking for.
h.Manas said to Rahim, “Which watch are you asking for?”
h. Manas asked Rahim which watch he was asking for.
i. “How are you ?” asked Riya.
i. Riya enquired about how she was.
j. Ridhim said to Ridhima, “How have you done so toughest task ?”
j. Ridhim asked Ridhima how she had done so toughest task.

Exercise 5

a. My friend said to me, ” Do what you wish .”
a. My friend advised me to do what I wished.
b. The doctor said to the patient, ” Have a walk early in the morning daily.”
b. The doctor advised the patient to have a walk early in the morning.
c. The officer said to the guard, ” Lock the gate sharp at 6 pm.”
c. The officer ordered the guard to lock the gate sharp at 6 pm.
d. ” Have patience and keep on practicing.”, said Saba to Zeenat
d. Zeenat advised Saba to have patience and keep on practicing.
e. Dhruv said, ” Get out of my room and don’t show me your face again.”
e. Dhruv ordered to get out of his room and not to show his face again.
f. Nikhil said to Ravita, ” Never waste your energy in such a tedious task.”
f. Nikhil advised Ravita never to waste her energy on such a tedious task.
g. ” Could you help me to complete this project?” Jaya said to Nisha.
Hint: Remember -It is a request, not a question
g. Jaya requested Nisha to help her to complete that project.
h. Deepa said, “Would you pay me in cash, please ?”
Hint: Remember -It is a request, not a question
h. Deepa requested to pay her in cash.
i. Divyam said to Rita, ” Behave properly before elders.”
i. Divyam ordered Rita to behave properly before elders.

j. The psychologist said to Ridhima, ” Do not hesitate to talk about your

problems with your trusted ones.”

j. The psychologist advised Ridhima not to hesitate to talk about her

problems with her trusted one.

Exercise 6

a. I said to my friend, “Let’s play tennis.”

a. I proposed/suggested to my friend that we must play tennis.

b. Anish said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

b. Anish proposed that we should go for a walk.

c. Nikita said to Purvi, “Let’s wait for two minutes more.”

c. Nikita suggested to Purvi that they should wait for two minutes more.

d. “Let’s prepare our children to defeat this pandemic.”, said the educationist.

d. The educationist suggested that we must prepare our children to defeat that pandemic.

e. “Let me recheck this post.” Said Suman to Sneha.

e. Suman requested Sneha to let her check that post again.

f. Maddy said to Darshan, “Let him handle this whole drama.”

f. Maddy requested Darshan to let him handle this whole drama.

g. Subhan said to Shoaib, “Let everyone attend the party first.”

g. Subhan advised Shoaib to let everyone attend the party first.

h. The mother said to her daughter, “Let you put only a little oil in the vegetable.”

The mother advised her daughter to let her put only a little oil in the vegetable.

i. Divyam said to Salman, “Let there be silence unless my online class finishes.”

i. Divyam requested Salman to let there be silence unless his online class finishes.

j. “Let us make ourselves strong to fight against covid19 .” said the health minister to the public.

j.  The health minister suggested to the public that they must make themselves strong to fight against covid 19.

k. “Let’s have a party this Sunday. “said Satyam to Gaurav.

     Gaurav said, “Let’s not.”

Satyam proposed to Gaurav that they must have a party that Sunday.

Gaurav replied to Satyam that they must not have.

i. Shweta said to Ananya, “Let us have one cup of coffee more.”

    Ananya said to Shweta, “Let’s have.”

l.. Shweta proposed to Ananya that they must have one cup of coffee more.

 l. Ananya replied to Shweta that they must have.

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