- Walter de la Mare





WORD              MEANING

Flaunt           show off beauty

Athwart         across

Ere                 before

Scimitar       a short sword

Glen              a deep narrow valley

Thicket         bushes

Dale               valley

Vale                valley


This beautiful and mesmerizing poem Tartary has been composed by Walter de la Mare, often produced work of mystery. So the poet here again shares with us another piece of his mysterious work and expresses us his idea of an imaginary land . He calls it as Tartary. He says that he wishes to be the sole owner of  Tartary where he would enjoy a royal life .In his royal kingdom ,he would have grand rooms containing his beds made of ivory . He adds further that under his royal life he will have a royal mealtime which must be filled up with melodious sounds of various musical instrumentsnt.

He would also enjoy his evenings filled up with colourful lamps emitting yellowish and reddish lights. 

He again describes that the forest of his dream world would be the  inhabitat of various beautiful birds  and wild animals as well. The enchanted trees of his forests would be the reasons of the attraction of many malodious birds. The sweet scented breeze would leave the forest of Tartary with fragrance. 
He would also have grand pools where various colourful fishes would dance across the colourful
Finally he shares with us that he would be the sole owner of clear rills and sea of Tartary with its purple valleys. 
Thus this imaginary kingdom would please the poet all the time. All the beautiful natural objects mentioned by the poet shows his deep love for nature.


Read the extract carefully and answer the question those follow :-


If I were Lord of Tartary,
Trumpeters every day
To all my meals should summon me,
And in my courtyards bray;
And in the evening lamps should shine,
Yellow as honey, red as wine,
While harp, and flute, and mandoline
Made music sweet and gay.

Q. a. Tell the name of the poem from
        which the  above extract
        has been taken.
Ans Tartary
Q.b. Tell the name of the poet.
Ans . Walter de la Mare
Q.c. What is Tartary mentioned
         according to this poet ?
Ans. An imaginary land.
Q.d  What kind of musical instruments would be played during his mealtime ?
Ans. Trumpet  harp, and flute,
           and mandoline
Q.e  Tell the rhyming words used in the above extraxt .
            Tartary, Day  Bray , gay
Q.f.  Tell the rhyming scheme used
        by the poet in the above extract.
        a a b a c c c a


If I were Lord of Tartary,
I’d wear a robe of beads,
White, and gold, and green they’d be —
And small and thick as seeds;


Q a. Tell the meaning of robe .
Ans. Clothes / long overcoat of kings
Q.b  Tell the different colours of beads the poet wishes to have in his robe ?
And. While, gold and green
Q.c Rhyming words and scheme used in the above EXTRACT.
Ans. Beads seads
Q.d What would be thick and small as seeds ?
Ans. Beads
Q.e Tell the poetic device used in the last line.

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