Chapter 3 USE TO TO BE ( IS ARE AM )

With the study point of view, I have categorized this part in 5 sections –

I. Simple Present Tense ( without the use of main verb) 

  1. Use of ‘to be’ in present
  2. Use of  ‘have’

II. Use of Dummy Subject 

a .There

b.  It

III. Main Indefinite form of the verb.

I. Simple Present Tense ( without the use of main verb)

Use of ‘to be’ in present

( In Simple Present ‘to be’ means – is/are/am- 


Use of  is, are, and am shows the present state/condition of our subject.

Example- This is a chair.

                  The weather is fine.

                   He is a doctor.

(to be) is, are, am.

How to use is, are, am in a sentence,

Singular- Is

Plural- Are

First person- (I) – Am

Structure of Affirmative Sentence-

Subject+ is, are, am+ complement

Example- Ravita is a lawyer

                 You are Happy.

                  I am a teacher.

Structure of Negative Sentence-

Subject+ is, are, am + not + complement

Example- Shivangi is not happy today.

                 You are not a thief.

                 I am not your friend.


Structure of Interrogative Sentences- 


Is, are am, + subject+ complement

Example- Are you sad?

                 Are they players?


Structure of Interrogative Sentence- 

W family word + is, are, am+  subject+ complement

Example- Why are you sad?

Type 3

How/much/how many/ Whose/which+ Related Noun+ is/are/am _ Subject +Complement

Example- Whose bag is

              this on the chair?

               How many girls               

               are there in the kitchen ?

               Which book is yours ?

Interrogative Negative 

The structures of all kinds of Interrogative is almost same .

We only need to add NOT after the Subject


 …….. is/are/am+ subject + not —–

Example- Is Rajeev not a monitor?

                  Why are you not happy?

                  Whose watch is not this ?


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