1. Bread and butter is my only breakfast.

2. Slow and steady always wins the race.

3.  Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

 These are some of the examples that present a single idea. See one more example. 

4. Rice and curry is my favourite dish.

So now the matter is -if we see ‘Time and tide’ as a single idea, grammatically WINS must be the correct answer.  But because it is a proverb, it was said only as ‘ Time and Tide WAIT for none.’ So proverbs are always taken as they are-

( The proverb is originally taken from the year 1225. Certified to St. Mather.

The origin is uncertain, although it’s clear that the phrase is ancient and that it predates modern English. The earliest known record is from St. Marher, 1225:

“And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet.” ( German)

A version in modern English – “the tide abides for, tarrieth for no man, stays no man, tide nor time tarrieth no man” evolved into the present-day version.)
So finally was translated it into modern English again. Might be the one who translated it , had kept the rules in mind ( taking Time and Tide separately not as a single unity ) that’s why use of verb 1 came into the use of this proverb.)

 We can’t apply grammatical rules when it comes to the matter of Proverbs. So in this sense – we have to accept it as ‘ Time and tide wait for none ‘

Still Grammatically the sentence ‘ Time and tide waits for none, is also acceptable. 

So in a sense, both the sentences are correct.  Now it depends on you how you wish to speak it.  

And as far as I understand, due to having controversy in the sentences, in the examination, this question might not be asked from you or they might not give you the options that might violate one another.  

Hope this article has been useful for you.  Still, if you wish to say anything, kindly leave your positive thoughts and reviews.

Thank You!

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