There are two kinds of voices

1.Active voice

2. Passive voice

Active – When an action is

              performed by the subject.

Examples – 

Shyam broke a toy.

Ravi killed a snake.

-In sentence 1  the action ‘broken’ has been directly performed by Shyam -the subject (Doer)

-In sentence 2  the action the action ‘killed’ has been performed by Ravi– the subject  (Doer)

Passive –  Passive voice do not show

                   the actions done by the subject

                   but they express how the

                  subject is affected/suffered

                  by the object.

Examples –

  1. The snake was killed by Anil.
  2. The  rat was caught by the cat.
  3. Krishna was caught by her mother while stealing the butter.
  4.  in sentence 1 TheSanke is the suffererof the action done by Anil .

      -Snake – Sufferer: :Anil- Doer

     -Krishna – Sufferer : : Mother- Doer

How to change an Active into Passive Voice

  • Root points to keep in mind
  1. Replace the subject with the object & object

      with the subject.


ACTIVE-     Satyam broke my bat.

                    Satyam -Subject

                    Bat – object

PASSIVE –  My bat was broken by Satyam

                   Bat- Subject

                   Satyam – Object


  1. Use of an appropriate form the verb ( be )

Present        ( is / am / are )

Past              (was / were )

Future          ( will be / shall be )

Perfect         ( been )

Continuous  ( being )

Modals            ( be )

Infinitive        ( to be )

  1. Always use the Past Participle of the verb( V3)
  1. My  bat was broken by Satyam
  2. Her purse has been stolen.
  3. The lion was captured by the hunter.


  • Broken
  • Stolen
  • Captured

4. Use appropriate preposition before the Subject

    ( i.e. by, with, in)

  1. An owl was seen by him last night.
  2. A letter was written with pen.
  3. I was astonished at your behaviour.
  1. (a) Remember for living being commonly (by) is used.
  • Nouns

By Ravi

By Ruchika

By Namrata

  • Pronouns

He    by him

She  by her

We   by us

They   by them

You   by you

It  by it

  1. (a.1) But in some cases – common or fixed Preposition rules

         are applied —



  • He was astonished at his son.
  • I am pleased with my daughter today


  • I was astonished at him.
  • Gandhiji is known to everyone.
  • I shall be obelized to you
  1. (b) But for Non living objects and abstract ideas

     common rules of Prepositions and fixed

     preposition rules are applied. 


  • The snake was hit with a stick.
  • I am pleased with your performance.
  • I am interested in drawing.
( in some of the cases only ‘by’ is used)
  • I was delayed by the traffic .
( In case we don’t use ‘due to’)

5. The verb must be agreed with the subject.


  • Active – This boy has broken these chairs.
  • Passive- These chairs have been broken by this boy.

       The boy is singular but the chairs are plural

  • Active- I am eating different chocolated.
  • Passive- Different chocolates are being eaten by me.

        I is singular but Chocolates are plural


1. There are ___ types of voices in Grammar.

Correct! Wrong!

2. In an Active Voice an action is performed by the _____

Correct! Wrong!

3. In a Passive Voice the subject is actually a _____ of the actions performed by the _____.

Correct! Wrong!

4. In a Passive Voice always use the ______ of the verb.

Correct! Wrong!

7.In a Passive voice agreement of ____ with its subject must not be forgotten .

Correct! Wrong!

8. The object of the Passive Voice must always be followed by a ________.

Correct! Wrong!

8. In a Passive Voice the Subject is replaced with _____

Correct! Wrong!

9. In a Passive voice voice the object is always followed by a preposition (BY).

Correct! Wrong!

10. In some cases the ______ in the Passive Voice can be missed out.

Correct! Wrong!

11. Before placing a preposition before the object in a Passive Voice, rules of ______ must not be forgotten.

Correct! Wrong!

Intro of Passive Voice
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