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1 Have you heard your voice ever?

Correct! Wrong!

Has your voice ever been heard by you?

2. Nishi has burnt all the papers.

Correct! Wrong!

All the papers have been burnt by Nishi.

3.Sujata has not completed her project by now.

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The project has not been completed by Sujatha by now.

4. Why have you lost all your concentrations?

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Why have all your concentrations been lost by you?

5. Who has recognized all the characters of the story well?

Correct! Wrong!

By whom has all the characters of the story been recognized well ?

6. He had spoken the truth by then.

Correct! Wrong!

The truth had been spoken by him by then.

7. Akanshi had not cared for her baby.

Correct! Wrong!

Her baby had not been cared for by Akanishi.

8. Why had she interfered with his matters?

Correct! Wrong!

Why had his matters been interfered with by her?

9. Had you seen this movie before?

Correct! Wrong!

Had this movie been seen by you before?

10.She will have painted her painting by tomorrow.

Correct! Wrong!

Her paintings will have been painted by her by tomorrow.

11. Ritika will not have spread the sheet by now.

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Ritika will not have spread the sheet by now.

12. Shall I have been visited the temple by evening?

Be aware of the agreement of the verb with its subject
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Will the temples have been visited by me by evening?

13. Who will have not corrected the mistakes by Monday?

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By whom will the mistakes have not been corrected by Monday?

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